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While being super refreshing and a natural blue hue provided by the spirulina superfood, Saphir is the official summer drink of choice with its taste of candy and lemonade. With Saphir at your fingertips, you'll earn points from the whole family - a perfectly balanced explosion of flavours and the addition of baobab for a dose of essential minerals. The new smoothie on the block will dethrone your favourite slushy. Give this very special & unique flavour a try!

Ingredients: Banana*, Apple*, Pineapple*, Rehydrated plant based proteins (filtered water, pea protein, chia protein, natural vanilla flavour*, stevia leaf extract*, sea salt), Cauliflower*, Coconut cream*, Grape, Lemon juice*, Blue spirulina, Baobab*, Orange, Dehydrated vegetable blend (spinach, broccoli, carrot, tomato, beet, shiitake).

* Organic ingredients
** Organic ingredient present in the vegan protein used = less than 0.01% of the recipe
May contain traces of soy, nuts or peanuts. 
Keep Frozen. Once a portion is thawed, refrigerate and use within 2 days. Do not refreeze.

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